classification of computer based on size

Classification of computer based on size

Computers are mainly classified into three types

1. Analog computer
2. Digital computer
3. Hybrid computer

classification of computer based on size
1. Analog computers

These are the computers based on size that measure
the physical quantities like
pressure,temperature,land and converts them to numeric values. They are mainly use for scientific and engineering purpose they give the appropriate reason. For example thermometer represents temperature in terms of the length of a thread of mercury.Thus, the
thermometer is an analog device.Similarly, the speed of a car can be represented by the rotation of a shaft Voltmeter, Ammeter, etc are other examples of analog devices.The accuracy
of analog computer is however less as compared to digital computers.

2. Digital computers

These are the computers that discrete data is directly counting the numbers, letters,digits,symbols etc. They are commonly used in business application. There types of computers are generally use in counting and adding operations.It can process bota numeric and non numeric data.Example PC,Minicomputer etc.

3. Hybrid computers

The features of both digital and analog computers are combined to create hybrid computing system.

Types of classification of computer based on size : analog & digital computer

a) Microcomputers : These are the smallest and are used for personal and business
computers. These are portable and easy to use. All the input and output parts ar
combined together. Ex. IBMBC, Laptop,Palmtop, Digital diaries PDAs etc.

b) Minicomputers : These computers are larger than microcomputer bat smaller thautar they are generally use in education, personal use.official use
banks railway etc. they have a range of application.

c) Mainframe computers: These computers are larger than minicomputers but
smaller than super computers. They are last computer having highest storage
in satellite application.Ex. IBM 4381.
capacity. These computers are use to develop communication network and are use in satellite applications.

d) Supercomputers: These are the gift of fifth generation of computers. These are the
most powerful computer which the man has ever made. Super computer 2ses
parallel processing which makes a more scientific purposes Ex. PARAM

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