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Women Tech Council releases gender gap report. 

The indeed prime jobs are Women Tech Council, a national organization based in Silicon Slopes and focused on increasing the number of women in technology, released a report detailing the gender gap in the tech sector and four key areas to technology companies can focus on in order to close the gap.

The indeed prime report was originally released on March 8, International Women’s Day. Its research covers programs and policies that have created inclusive cultures in successful technology companies.

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The four key areas to focus on, according to the report, are: 1. Executive engagement, or active support from leadership; 2. Company programming, placing women in leadership positions and implementing programs supporting women in technology; 3. Community investment, actively participating with the broader community to learn from and share best culture and inclusion practices; and 4. Women’s or Diversity and Inclusion group, formal programs to support women within the indeed prime jobs company or organization.

Women Tech Council also released additional resources for tech companies to use in order to create more inclusive and diverse teams for women in tech, such as the 2018 Shatter List, which showcases technology implementing programming that hits the four key focus areas mentioned, and three new “Best Practices” from the Women Tech Council’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum, which details successful programs implemented by Utah companies Work front, Plural sight and Adobe.

Read the full report and view these resources at womentechcouncil.com.

Tech indeed prime job postings in Salt Lake City are up 12 percent. 

Tech job postings in Salt Lake City on Indeed.com have grown by 12 percent since January 2018. According to a press release from Indeed, the presence of tech giants, startups and tech conferences such as Silicon Slopes contributed to this growth.

In order to gather this data, Indeed Prime used Indeed data to analysis job, salary, skill and companies in Salt Lake City. The top 15 jobs include, in order: software engineer, senior software engineer, technical support, product manager, full stack developer, data analyst, software test engineer, front end developer, software architect, development operations engineer, business analyst, systems administrator, quality assurance analyst, quality assurance engineer and application developer.

For those less interested in a specific type of job and more interested in what they’ll earn, Indeed Prime calculated that too. The top 10 earning jobs, ranked in order, are: senior web developer, senior .NET developer, ruby on rails developer, senior java developer, iOS developer, senior software engineer, PHP developer, software engineer .NET developer and full stack developer.

Of course, the earning different between the senior web developer and full stack developer is a mere $18,000 or so. A full stack developer still looks at pulling in over $100,000 a year. Employers are looking for a variety of skills, with SQL, JavaScript, Java, HTML and CSS the top five looked-for skills.

Those interested in getting an “inside scoop” on getting their foot in the door with Salt Lake City tech companies can register for an Indeed Prime event on March 14. 
Registration is free and the event takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Silicon Slopes, 2600 Executive Parkway, Suite 140 in Lehi. Register by visiting eventbrite.com. View the full report by Indeed Prime here.

Most employees talk about boss’ faults with peers. 

A new study by Vital Smart, a leadership training company, found that performance discussions in corporate America are very one-sided. Managers speak freely with their employees, but employees don’t share feedback with their managers.

Researchers asked 1,335 employees to share their boss’s significant weakness, to which 80 percent of participants responded with an “open secret” about their boss’s behavior.

The top five weaknesses, according to respondents, include: being overwhelmed and/or inadequate, being a poor listener, being biased and unfair, being distant and disconnected and being Disoriented and forgetful.

Overall, the study found that while employees seemed to be hyper-aware of their boss’ faults and discussed it with their coworkers — continuing to leave their bosses blissfully unaware. The top five reasons employees choose not to give feedback to their bosses are: speaking up would offend their manager, speaking up would cause their boss to retaliate, they don’t know how to bring it up, speaking up would hurt their career and the culture doesn’t support people who speak up.

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